Augusta, GA

James Rolle, Jr., Co-Founder & President

United State Black Cavalry Family Augusta, GA

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Dragon 6
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In 2001, James A. Rolle Jr. (Dragon6) helped establish a Buffalo Soldier Chapter in Augusta, Georgia. He has served as the Vice President from 2001-2002, President from 2002-2005 and served as the Buffalo Soldiers Georgia First State Representative. He has always loved a challenge and has a personal drive to succeed or at least give it his best effort; he does not believe in quitting.  He continually travels in support of the Buffalo Soldier’ throughout the nation. Buffalo Soldiers will always be part of his family; however, the Augusta Buffalo Soldiers will always be in his heart. He would like to thank all present, past and future members for the continued success of Augusta Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, Inc; for the Outstanding work in our community and for mentoring the youth of the community on the true history of the Buffalo Soldier. Read more...


Lichia Rolle was born in Augusta Georgia. She joined the military in 1980 and served 22 years in the United States Army. She retired from the military in 2004. She entered the military as a private and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 3.

Lichia resides with her husband James Rolle in Dearing, Georgia. She enjoys swimming, motorcycle riding, and traveling.

She presently works as a Supply Lead for CSRA working to train the Medical Reserves at Fort Gordon, Georgia.

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