(Prior to forming the USBCF)


  • Founded the New Jersey Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club and remained Chapter President for six years.
  • One of the original members involved in creating the ground work and foundation for the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers.Motorcycle Club.


  • Toured the country promoting the Buffalo Soldiers Organization
  • Began conducting presentations at schools, churches, youth organizations and retirement homes in the Tri-State area. To date completed over 400 presentations on the history of the Buffalo Soldiers, not including the many speaking engagements at NABSMC chapters across the country.


  • Winter Meeting 23-24 February, Orlando, Florida – First created and introduced the Regional Concept (Frontiers) to the National Organization.
  • At the same meeting first introduced the need for a Buffalo Soldiers Newsletter. Also first introduced the need for national dues.
  • Also first introduced the idea of conducting a national ride to the Buffalo Soldiers Monument at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
  • The first Buffalo Soldier and chapter (New Jersey) to be featured in a MSNBC TV documentary, “Road Rebels”. The documentary showed the differences between bike clubs in America


  • Created the first Buffalo Soldiers National Spring/Summer riding schedule. Maintained the Riding Schedule for all chapters until 2008.
  • First introduced the idea of dividing the Country into 6 regions (Frontiers)


  • First introduced the idea of allowing females to join the organization as Full Members
  • First created training materials on the history of the Buffalo Soldiers and distributed those materials to all chapters or individuals upon request and at no charge except for postage. This material later evolved into a training manual with a CD that could be purchase for cost.
  • Created the first National Roster of all presidents and vice presidents to include their names, addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts. Maintained this roster until 2009.


  • Created the first major Buffalo Soldier Ride designed to educate the membership on the history of the Buffalo Soldiers. RETRACE 2004 encouraged over 400 members to ride their bikes to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas to participate in a memorial service at the monument dedicated to the Buffalo Soldiers. Arranged all hotel reservations, arranged the use of the Kansas City Airport Convention Center for a program and dinner, arranged all police escorts with the States of Kansas and Missouri, coordinated all efforts on Ft. Leavenworth with the public affairs office for approval from the Department of the Army to conduct the memorial service at the National Buffalo Soldier's monument, wrote the entire script for the memorial service and the honor ceremony, created an Honor Guard.that performed at the ceremony, buried the cremated remains of a former Buffalo Soldier at the foot of the Buffalo Soldier Monument.
  • The first to apply for and receive a grant from Sprint communications. This $5000.00 grant was donated to the Richard Allen Cultural Center in Leavenworth, Kansas to help their After School Tutoring program purchase new computers and software. This grant was made possible through the efforts of the New Jersey Buffalo Soldiers.
  • Received an award from the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers for Integrity, Vision and Dedication in Coordinating RETRACE 2004.
  • Nominated and elected by the National Council to be the First Buffalo Soldier National Ambassador
  • Nominated and elected by the National Council to be the 3rd National President of the NABSMC


  • Assumed the responsibility of National President of the NABSMC and remained in that position until 2009.
  • Added 50 new chapters to the NABSMC organization during 2 tours as National President
  • Conducted the first Buffalo Soldiers ride to Nova Scotia. Taking 13 members for their first ride outside the United States and having their pictures placed in one of the Canadian tour magazines.
  • Established the first Buffalo Soldier's chapter outside of the United States (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  • Wrote and introduced the Appeals Process to the National Organization. Later had the Appeals Process made a part of the National By-Laws
  • Assisted student Tiffini Bowers in writing her Masters Thesis on the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club


  • Assisted in planning the first cross country trip for the Divas For A Cure Foundation. Buffalo Soldiers assisted this organization by escorting them through each State. This organization donates yearly to the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center in Houston Texas. Riding with these Divas brought a lot of TV and NEWS coverage to the National Organization. Assisting in helping the DIVAS to raise $25,000 for the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center
  • Conducted a 13 day President’s Run for all members who wanted to ride and visit the old Buffalo Soldiers Forts in Texas. Tour covered over 5300 miles and even went into Mexico
  • Authored the Buffalo Soldiers Oath/Creed
  • Began working with the Huntsville Alabama Chapter to build a Buffalo Soldiers Monument it Huntsville. Project was completed in 2010.
  • Visited the Buffalo Soldiers Chapter in Hawaii
  • First to suggest and bring to vote a motion to change the organization’s name from Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club to The Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club


  • Interviewed on radio station WIMG that was broadcast by satellite around the world
  • Added 2nd Canadian Chapter
  • Traveled over 30,000 miles in support of Buffalo Soldiers functions/events/activities
  • Traveled to California to escort the Divas For A Cure Foundation across Country. Assisted the DIVAS in raising $50,000 for the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center
  • Had our Buffalo Soldiers “colors” placed on display at the STURGIS MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM & Hall OF FAME in Sturgis, South Dakota. The vest and “colors” were on display from 2007 until they closed the exhibition in November 2010
  • Also had our “colors” and pictures on display at the African American Museum in California


  • Keynote Speaker at the 2008 PRO (Public Relations Officers) Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ. This engagement led to the NABSTMC being chosen for the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award by Shifin Gearz Magazine.
  • Keynote speaker at the Martin Luther King Memorial Million Motorcycle Motorcade in Washington DC
  • Spoke at the 911 crash site of Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA
  • Escorted the Divas For A Cure on their annual cross country run. Assisted the Divas in raising $35,000 for the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center
  • Interviewed on COMCAST TV show “NEWSMAKERS”


  • Directly responsible for coordinating the most honorable mission given to the Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Club. The involvement in the Missing In America Project showcased the Buffalo Soldiers at their finest as they were responsible for escorting and providing security for the remains of 3 (three) American Heroes from California to their final resting place at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. These cremated remains of Isaiah Mays, a former original Buffalo Soldier and the recipient of the Medal of Honor, , Johnnie Callahan, a veteran of WWII and a Silver Star recipient, and James Dunn a veteran of Vietnam and a Silver Star recipient passed through 100s of American cities and towns escorted by the Buffalo Soldiers MC. The Buffalo Soldiers then attended the grave side burial of each hero. The NABSTMC was then featured in a book titled Honors at Arlington, subtitled Missing in America Project. In this book a letter written to the NABSTMC membership by then National President, TC Costley outlining the organization’s role in the project was featured along with many photos.
  • Assisted the Divas For A Cure Foundation in raising $7500 for the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center

Other accomplishments:

  • At the request of the US Army I spoke at the Native American History Month celebration in Washington, DC honoring the Chief of the Black Seminoles, Chief William “DUB” Warrior
  • Spoke at the Pentagon in the presence of Army Chief of Staff, General Kelly and his staff during the rededication of the Buffalo Soldiers Statue that is housed at the Pentagon. Assisted by the President and members of the Hampton Roads Buffalo Soldiers

Spoke at the following universities;

    • Tennessee State
    • West Virginia State
    • Alabama State

  • Had the honor of speaking at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. This church was at the heart of the Civil Rights Movement and of course the church that was bombed by the KKK in 1965 killing 3 black little girls attending Sunday school.
  • Met with the Governor of West Virginia and the Mayor of Charleston, WV.
  • Visited Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota and spearheaded efforts to provide the reservation schools with a $3000.00 computer.
  • Spoke at the Huntsville, Alabama Museum of Art to help raise money for the Huntsville Buffalo Soldiers Statue Project.
  • Planned and worked with the University of Alabama to host the first Buffalo Soldiers Civil Rights Ride that traced the steps of the famous MLK Civil Right March from Selma to Montgomery, AL.
  • Visited the African American Museum in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • Led the efforts to provide funding to our Buffalo Soldiers families during the tragedy of Katrina
  • Led the efforts to contribute more food donations to God’s Wheels MC at the National Bikers Roundup than any other organization. Received 1st place trophies 3 consecutive years for donating the most food.
  • Appeared on the radio/TV and internet simulcast show “In the Public Interest”
  • Selected to be the Grand Marshals in the Tennessee State University Annual Bikers Football Classic
  • Visited Brackettville, TX., home of the descendants of the original Seminole Negro Indian Scouts. Met with and spent a day with the descendants at their original homes on Ft Carson and then visited the gravesites of the original Seminole Negro Indian Scouts to include those that were recipients of the Medal of Honor.
  • Have personally conducted over 400 Buffalo Soldier Presentations in schools, community youth centers, colleges, churches, retirement homes, veteran homes, prisons, VFW & American Legions and senior citizen homes and continues to do so to this date.
  • Appeared in many newspaper, and magazine articles and conducted many impromptu speeches at venues across the country
  • Honored along with Divas for a cure by the Harley Davidson Motor Company for our community involvement. Harley Davidson placed a chrome disc inscribed with the Buffalo Soldiers’ name on their famous wall. This disc will remain there forever honoring the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

Very few of the accomplishments stated above would have been possible without the support, involvement and teamwork of Mr. Dale Brown and Mr. Brian Gillis, both of whom were NABSTMC officers before I became National President and remained in those positions during my 2 (two) terms in office.

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