Dear Friends,

It’s good to share with you a vision that Jan and I hope will spark your interest.

As many of you know for over 10 years I gave my heart and soul to the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club and the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club only to be unfairly banned from the organization in 2010 without even being told what if any infraction I committed. Since being banned I have continued my work in the community as I have done for so many years. Although no longer in “colors” my work of educating the general public about the history of the Buffalo Soldiers continues without interruption. As of today and with the assistance of a few members of the New Jersey Buffalo Soldiers we have conducted over 400 public presentations on the history of the Buffalo Soldiers. We are always booked in advance especially during the month of February, and our engagements have placed us in front of crowds as many as a thousand and as few as three troubled kids in a special program in Asbury Park, NJ.  During all of those presentations and the numerous public speaking engagements that I’ve conducted either alone or with Jan the one recurring thing that stood out above all the rest was the pure pleasure that we both received by helping others in need in our local communities.

After much discussion with Jan and a lot of encouragement from many of you - we have decided to form a new organization that we feel will meet our needs and interests at this time in our lives and allow us to continue doing the things that we love most, riding, meeting people, and talking about our history.  Hopefully many of you will feel the same.   It will not be a motorcycle club in the truest sense of the term, but of course riding will be at the very core of what we do.

We have formed the “United States Black Cavalry Family Inc”, aka USBCF, an organization that will dedicate itself to making a difference in our local communities not by handing out money but by physically giving a helping hand to those in need. While we hope to have an impact on the entire community we plan to place special emphasis on our veterans. Especially those that have given so much for their country but now suffer because in many instances their country has forgotten them. We hope that our “hands on” approach in assisting many organizations that already exist and have a feel for the pulse of our community will lead to immediate aid for those in need. Examples of what we hope to accomplish in our communities are outlined on this website.

Jan and I have given a lot of thought to this concept and we are hopeful that many of you, not committed currently to other organizations within your communities will give some consideration to the USBCF.  One of the first things that may grab your attention is the fact that we do not consider ourselves a Motorcycle Club (MC).  We feel that we are more than that. Instead we consider ourselves a community action Family who happens to have some members that ride and enjoy the sport of motorcycling. We do not have chapters but we do have extended Families and those Families are operated much the same as many motorcycle clubs only without the rigid by-laws.  Our goal is to have our Families led by mature individuals who understand that what we do is fun and not another job.  We want members to ride because they want to ride and not because they were told to ride.  We want Family members that are willing to contribute time to community programs because they want to and because they know their help is needed not because they were told that it was a requirement to do so.  We want all of our Family members to understand and accept that the USBCF is an outlet, a place where members can go to relax and have fun with friends.  It is not and will not be an organization where members try to create their own platforms or bring in attitudes that disrupt the family. Our goal is to do all that we can to create a stress free environment.  That’s why it is so important to select the right people for the extended Families of this organization.  The formation of a Family within the USBCF is also outlined on this website.

Our By-laws will be limited but they will be relevant to all Families approved to be a part of the USBCF.  There will be no need for Families to create their own by-laws.

Our Motto is: WE HONOR ALL WHO SERVE COUNTRY AND COMMUNITY.  This simply means that along with our veterans and active duty service members we will also honor those heroes that work so hard in their communities to insure the safety, well being and education of their neighbors.

Jan and I are hopeful that after reading and reviewing this information, some of you may express an interest in starting a Family within the USBCF.  If you have questions or would like an application emailed to you, please feel free to contact us immediately at the numbers and email addresses listed.

We thank you for any consideration that you may give to this new project.  We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.  We fully realize that this may not be the organization for everyone. But, if you are an individual or a couple that believes in helping others, believes in traveling with good friends without a lot of drama, believes in looking sharp in your uniforms, believes in the strength and importance of a family and believes in conducting yourselves as mature men and women then maybe this could be your new home.   We welcome your thoughts.

Much Love,

“TC” & “Sunny The Diva”
Thomas C. & Janise M. Costley
United States Black Cavalry Family Inc. - USBCF

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